Date:  July 22, 2005

For the Fourth Successful Year in a row . . .

A special one weekend only show . .

When EstherÕs Follies goes on vacation, they will give the keys to the theater to   


The Phantom of the Love Boat.


Show dates:   Thursday, Friday, Saturday Ð August 4,5,6, 2005


Location:  Esther's Follies Theater, 525 E. 6th St. Austin, Tx. 78701

Telephone for information and reservations:  320-0553


Times:       Aug. 4        8PM

                  Aug. 5        8 and 10 PM

                  Aug. 6        8 and 10 PM         Ticket prices range from $20 to $25.


Esther's Follies goes on vacation only one weekend a year and when they do, they turn over the keys to their theater to the only Captain Stubing impersonator working the seven seas.  This summer, Captain Helmut Von Hagendassen (David Perkoff) has a personality problem.  A certain kind of music (Rock and Roll of course) turns him into the Phantom, and his crew into zombies. 


Special guests on the Love Boat this year include talented high school students from McCallum High School Fine Arts Academy as the Zombies, Stuart Moulton as Paris Hilton, Wimberly Soprano Lee Colee-Atnip as Christine, award winning comic Kerry Awn, magician Cody Fisher, and the Ricardo Orchestra, live and on stage.


The initial Love Boat Twisted show 4 years ago was written by Perkoff to fill the vacation weekend for the Follies, but took on a life of it's own when lines of people grew out the door and down sixth street.  It turns out that every one has fond and/or funny memories of cruise boating and here is a chance to relive the adventure right in our own city.  Each installment features new music, comedy and audience participation surprise.  Last year, boat sailed to the Olympics.


This year finds our Captain sailing in circles just off Matagorda Bay.  The show starts with an audience lifeboat drill and is packed with music from Grease, Rocky Horror, and of course, the Phantom of the Opera.  The musical highlight promises to be when Eminem and the Phantom of the Opera themes are layered together, as only can be done by master of counterpoint Steve Saugey.


For more information about the show:  David Perkoff at 458-3539

PHOTO CREDITS PLEASE TO:  Brenda Ladd Photography

The Phantom of the Love Boat Supplementary INFO:




David Perkoff:  Director Writer Producer Actor Flutist Phantom.  The question is whether Perkoff performs all these rolls because he really is all this things OR because he canÕt get anyone to work for him.  David plays saxophone for the Uranium Savages Band, Jon Emery and Cornell Hurd.  He owns an entertainment production company that produces music and stage shows for private business and social events.  He is a former EstherÕs cast member who developed and produced the EstherÕs Traveling Follies shows for 10 years.  David also is a trained classical flutist studying with Israel Borouchoff in St. Louis and Torkil Bye at the University of Texas.  What went wrong?


Kerry Awn:  Austin Critics Table Hall of Fame Award winner is only his most recent recognition.  Muralist, standup comedy champion, EstherÕs Follies lead funny man, Uranium Savages lead singer, famed Austin music poster artist are other notable accomplishments.


Lee Colee Atnip:  Lee is a fabulous soprano vocalist from Dallas now residing in Wimberly Texas.  She directs and produces musicals for the Wimberly Playhouse.  Austin audiences are in for a big time treat to hear her sing the roll of Christine AND the roll of Olivia Newton John in the Love Boat Show.  It is a rare treat to hear a high soprano and flute duet performed up close even in the laps of the audience, and that is exactly what will happen in this show.


McCallum Fine Arts:  A trio of talented students from McCallum High School will be the PhantomÕs Zombie Fly Dancers this year.  No matter where he goes, his dancer zombies will be near by.  Not only will these kids earn a fee for their work, but an equal donation will be made to the Mac Fine Arts Academy in their name.


Magician Cody Fisher:  Although Ray Anderson is the acclaimed illusionist for EstherÕs Follies, the hands down master of sleight of hand in Texas is Cody Fisher, and he will have two features in this show.


Stuart Moulton:  No Love Boat Cruise would be complete without the queen of the Love Boat, Carol Channing, and Stuart, producer of the Austin Cabaret Theater and famed Channing impersonator will be back on our stage.  Stuart will also play the on board wedding counselor, Paris Hilton. 


File written by Adobe Photoshop¨ 4.0The 25 person cast and crew of the Love Boat Twisted show is delighted to have the confidence of the owners and producers of EstherÕs Follies.  We are proud to know that we can go into their theater on sixth and deliver just the right combination of irreverent humor, music and almost but not quite naughty comedy that has made this performing space renowned around the state of Texas.


Please come see the Phantom of the Love Boat.